BayTSP:: Industry Focus

BayTSP works with leading companies in the entertainment, software, videogame and publishing industries to protect and monetize their intellectual property.

BayTSP can help get online piracy under control, drive traffic to partner sites, and track the effectiveness of online promotions and advertising campaigns.

The hottest TV shows, the latest music and video clips, all just a click away from being illegally downloaded and shared with millions.

Live Events
Control unauthorized distributions of clips and streams from live and pay per view events. BayTSP processes live events in real time and helps minimize the threat of online piracy.

Music is available all over the internet, giving millions of people access to what belongs to you.

The pirating of software IP is on the rise as internet piracy becomes increasingly popular.

While not as high profile as movie, music, and software piracy, there is increased trafficking in ebooks, textbooks and audio books online.

With the dramatic evolution of the video game comes the demand for the hottest, newest, and latest in gaming.