Music :: Sophisticated Monitoring

As with movies, music is widely pirated online. BayTSP works with record labels and independent artists to identify where their content appears online and take action when necessary. BayTSP is also working with clients to track the popularity of music videos and how fans integrate music into mashups.

 Piracy Reduction Solutions

The most effective method to fight piracy on Internet sites and P2P networks is infringement monitoring and enforcement – where the sources of piracy are identified and shut down.

For entertainment companies
Movies, television shows and music remain the most popular pirated content on the Internet today. BayTSP has deployed services that help companies manage the unauthorized distribution of their content.

• Content Authentication Platform
Monitors user-generated content and video hosting websites and cyber-lockers for unauthorized video and audio clips, can take action to have them removed and monitor for compliance.

• Business Intelligence
Identify where content is appearing online, what content is most popular and viewership amount. BayTSP’s Business Intelligence systems can also monitor the effectiveness of online marketing and promotional campaigns, and drive traffic to content distribution partners by having it removed from non-partner sites.

• Early Propagator
Monitors peer to peer networks like Bit Torrent and eDonkey, Usenet, IRC and public FTP sites for the first instances of unauthorized video and audio content, can take action to have them removed and monitor for compliance.

• BayTrack
Provides ongoing monitoring and enforcement on peer to peer networks, Usenet, IRC and public FTP sites, can issue takedown notices and monitor for enforcement.

Monitors for the first instances of unauthorized content appearing peer to peer networks, IRC, Usenet and public FTP sites, notifies content owner when the leak has been validated and tracks propagation following initial detection.