Publishers :: In A Digital Age

The same services that BayTSP provides to the entertainment, software and video game industry
can help publishers effectively manage piracy of their assets.

BayTSP works with clients to ensure their assets are tracked, secured and protected from Internet
piracy. By utilizing BayTSP, clients can be reassured that all necessary steps are being taken to
minimize widespread
distribution of any assets.

For the publishing industry
Digital downloads of e-books, and piracy of books on CD is a growing concern for the publishing industry. BayTSP works with publishing houses to stem the unauthorized distribution of their intellectual property.

• Early Propagator
Monitors peer to peer networks like Bit Torrent and eDonkey, Usenet, IRC and public FTP sites for the first instances of unauthorized software and videogame content, can take action to have them removed and monitor for compliance.

• BayTrack
Provides ongoing monitoring and enforcement on peer to peer networks, Usenet, IRC and public FTP sites, can issue takedown notices and monitor for enforcement.

Monitors for the first instances of unauthorized content appearing peer to peer networks, IRC, Usenet and public FTP sites, notifies content owner when the leak has been validated and tracks propagation following initial detection.