CAP :: Content Authentication Platform

BayTSP’s newest and most innovative Internet tracking system, the Content Authentication
Platform (CAP), provides content owners, website owners and users with a single, comprehensive,
and secure way to ensure copyrights are protected as well as providing new business opportunities.

Applications of the Content Authentication Platform

CAP gives content owners immediate access to the leading fingerprinting and watermarking technologies. Content owners create a single set of business rules on how their content can be used and these rules are applied to all of the technologies and all user-generated content hosting websites. When new fingerprint technologies are developed, they can be quickly integrated and deployed.

CAP allows content owners to develop new business models and revenue streams. Today people create videos using copyrighted content and post them to user-generated content (UGC) websites where millions of users view them.  The opportunity for the rights holder to get revenue from advertising through these millions of views is lost unless these videos are identified and managed with appropriate advertising. CAP can identify these videos and, based on the distribution agreement with the UGC site, allocate the advertising revenue that is generated.

 How It Works

The CAP is a platform that is open to different media content recognition technologies. In addition to
combining recognition technologies, the CAP provides a single point of reference to content owners to
manage their content recognition needs in a centralized, consistent manner across multiple sites and

BayTSP’s Content Authentication Platform provides digital content owners with a one-stop shop to
incorporate digital fingerprinting and watermarking technologies to protect and monetize their
intellectual property.

The Benefits

 Combining fingerprinting and watermarking technologies increases accuracy and effectiveness
    of copyright protection programs.
 Human review of “grey area” content protects fair use and increases accuracy.
24/7/365 operation, including a team that reviews content that falls outside established business rules.
Highly customizable business processes can be defined and applied wherever content appears.
Open architecture and secure content libraries allow for rapid integration of new fingerprinting and
    watermarking technologies as they become CAP compliant.
Flexible deployment options - CAP can monitor content hosting sites independently or integrate
    with hosting sites to review user-generated content as it is uploaded.

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