BayTSP :: Services

BayTSP has developed a comprehensive set of services to help the entertainment industry, software and videogame developers and the publishing industry manage online piracy, better understand online consumer behavior and monitor the effectiveness of online advertising and promotion campaigns.

Review our solutions for content identification, tracking and enforcement, RADAR, Early Propagator and Business Intelligence.

Content Identification
BayTSP monitors all major Internet protocols used for unauthorized content distribution including peer to peer networks, IRC, Usenet, public FTP sites, cyber-lockers and user-generated content video hosting sites. The company has partnered with industry leaders in digital fingerprinting and watermarking technologies and provides the most comprehensive ability to find content online regardless of how it’s named or what keywords are used to identify it.

Tracking and Enforcement
BayTSP identifies more than 16 million infringements of client content online daily and sends more than one million takedown notices monthly. Our systems process more than two million minutes of new UGC site content uploaded daily and the company maintains an index of two billion minutes of previously uploaded video. Major software companies have used BayTSP to reduce availability of pirated versions of their products and to stop distribution of leaked source code.

RADAR monitors for the first instances of unauthorized content appearing on peer to peer networks IRC, Usenet and public FTP sites, notifies content owners by by telephone, pager, email, or mobile device when the leak has been validated and tracks propagation following initial detection.

Early Propagator
Early Propagator scans peer-to-peer networks, including Bit Torrent and eDonkey, to identify the first individuals who upload client content. The system collects identifying information on the first uploaders, tracks propagation and can provide data for evidence packages in the event of possible litigation.

Business Intelligence
BayTSP’s Business Intelligence service helps clients identify where content is appearing online, what content is most popular and how many people are watching. These systems can also monitor the effectiveness of online marketing and promotion campaigns, drive traffic to content distribution partners by having it removed from non-partner sites.