Business Intelligence & Monetization

BayTSP monitors consumption across all major Internet channels from UGC to P2P to provide content owners with a “one stop shop” to monitor and make critical business decisions about how to manage and monetize their content.

BayTSP’s Content Authentication Platform (CAP) is built to allow ad targeting on premium video online, whether syndicated by partners or uploaded by your audience. We provide an intuitive interface to manage your content that is appearing online and we have partnerships that allow you to target ads and monitor and optimize performance.

Stay current with your audience’s rapidly changing interests. BayTSP’s technologies provide second-by-second granularity about what your audience is watching, where and how often.

Audience Metrics - Enhanced audience metrics will improve the audience experience and boost the ROI proposition to advertisers.

Competitive Tracking - Access detailed reports. Manage rights and revenues down to a granular level. Real-time data means both you and your partners can maximize value. Our analytics tools provide industry standard reporting and flexible options for detailed requirements.

Viral Marketing - We provide the specifics as to where your target audience is congregating so you can maximize exposure and create new branding opportunities.

Track your content, enforce your business rules

BayTSP monitors all major avenues of online consumption, including online streaming sites, direct download (Cyberlockers), P2P, file sharing networks such as eDonkey and BitTorrent, Usenet groups, Internet Relay Chat and public FTP sites and collects identifying information on all individuals offering client content for download. BayTSP tracks all view count and download data on all major UGC sites, this not only reveals the amount of consumption going on but also collects and identifies information helpful to enforcement programs.

BayTSP has created verified monitoring and enforcement programs to address the concerns of specific countries and U.S. jurisdictions that demand more evidence demonstrating that a particular individual is involved in copyright infringement. Verified and enhanced monitoring and enforcement incorporates additional scanning and cataloging processes to eliminate false positives and provide evidence needed to address higher evidentiary standards, including download and verification of all files and hashes, enhanced IP address verification and more detailed evidence packages.

Smart business, smart decisions
BayTSP provides smart Business Intelligence to its clients to better target the ad market.  Lucratively growing your business based on solid, reliable data, BayTSP offers tools to maximize profitability and market penetration in an ever changing market.