RADAR :: High Level Detection

BayTSP’s Special response team.

The BayTSP RADAR (Rapid Alert, Detection, and Response) team is designed to identify and track
client assets and immediately notify clients once the leak has been validated.

BayTSP clients vary in their level of service preferences. BayTSP offers special tracking services for
those customers requiring immediate detection or removal to prevent high levels of distribution on
various internet web.

Below is an overview of the different tracking services and their benefits.

 Standard Tracking

 Movies are added to the tracked assets list based on their release dates.
 They are searched for on basic protocols, NFO, Usenet, IRC, BitTorrent, eDonkey, etc.
 Sites are searched from once an hour to once every four hours, depending on priority level.
 Sites are given a single pass and basic keywords are used.

Special Tracking

Movies are added immediately at request of client and are given a permanent high priority
    status with a search interval of once per every 30-60 minutes.

Searched sites include those from standard tracking, but are also expanded to web, forum,
    blog, and streaming video site searches depending on search criteria.

Keywords are expanded to include a broader search scope.

Detailed logs of all detections are kept and reported daily/weekly to clients.

Takedown action is implemented if requested as a part of coverage.

 How Does

RADAR uses a modified version of BayTSP’s FirstAlert system, which employs a series of software
agents or “crawlers” that are programmed to look for the protected asset. These software agents
operate much like a radar system, constantly scanning the file sharing and public networks for the
first indication that an individual has introduced the file and is making it available for others to download.
When a crawler spots a file matching the customer’s property, it initiates a download to BayTSP’s
network operations center. BayTSP reviews the findings to assure that it is the protected item. Once
confirmed, tracking begins on this known asset and a copy is downloaded.

Evidence systems are implemented to assure the usefulness of the findings to the client in case there
is future court activity.

 RADAR Reports

RADAR uses the BayTSP CIMS control panel for reporting the activity. In addition customers
receive RADAR Alert notices when any version of the protected content is detected on the Internet,
and weekly reports showing trends and propagation of protected or watermarked assets.