Movies appear online within hours of their premier. TV shows are often available for viewing before they’ve aired on the West Coast. With the industry moving toward content distribution on their branded websites, taking control of unauthorized distribution is more important than ever.

BayTSP is the industry leader in identifying and tracking unauthorized digital content across all major Internet protocols including user-generated content (UGC) hosting sites, cyber-lockers, peer to peer networks, IRC, Usenet groups and public FTP sites. These systems identify more than 16 million infringements of client content daily on P2P and Cyber-lockers.

BayTSP’s tracking services include:

Content Authentication Platform (CAP)
CAP monitors UGC sites, processing two million minutes of video content daily using industry leading digital fingerprinting and watermarking technologies. Once client content is identified, the system can send takedown notices and monitor for compliance.

Early Propagator
Early Propagator scans peer-to-peer networks, including Bit Torrent and eDonkey, to identify the first individuals who upload client content. The system collects identifying information on the first uploaders, tracks propagation and can provide data for evidence packages in the event of possible litigation.

BayTrack provides ongoing monitoring and enforcement on peer to peer networks, Usenet, IRC and public FTP sites. The system can issue takedown notices and monitor for enforcement.

RADAR monitors for the first instances of unauthorized content appearing on peer to peer networks IRC, Usenet and public FTP sites, notifies content owners by by telephone, pager, email, or mobile device when the leak has been validated and tracks propagation following initial detection.

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