Because Data Drives Profits

BayTSP is the Global Leader providing the Media & Entertainment Industry with
the most comprehensive commercial Search & Discovery Services for analyzing
the impact of digital media online, providing the best anti-piracy measures and
enabling effective marketing decisions through insightful business intelligence.

BayTSP is an innovator
in digital copyright, image, trademark, music
and text protection.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, BayTSP offers a revolutionary way for digital content owners
to track down their valuable online property, in order to effectively deter its theft and misuse.

BayTSP has designed an entire suite of proprietary file branding and tracking applications. Our
end-to-end solution inspires clients' maximum confidence that the illegal use and redistribution of
their valuable copyrighted works will be deterred; and if their works are being used in a manner
contrary to their best business and/or legal interests they will be notified, and the infringers pursued
until the problem is resolved.

BayTSP's customer objective
is containment and compliance by
"Tracking-Security-Protection" for your digital assets.

Theft and content abuse on the Internet is rampant. Trademarks and logos are misused, often in a
photographs is a simple "right-click-cut-paste" operation. And the sheer volume of movies, music,
and software programs available on Peer-to-Peer networks, combined with their ease of use, has
changed potential buyers to digital pirates.

Specializing in copyright tracking and brand protection, BayTSP has been providing Fortune 1000
and Dow Jones component companies with a sophisticated, highly automated technology to ensure
their copyrighted digital media is not being stolen or misused on the Internet.

Automated for
confidence, efficiency, and results

 Automated web surfing solution assures content protection 24x7
   Comprehensive global surveillance of the Internet, including web sites, FTP sites, P2P networks,

 IRC sites, newsgroups, and auction/retail sites.

 Complete automated process includes international infringement take-down notifications
   (per the DMCA and Berne Convention) and compliance monitoring.

Additionally, using the technology developed to track copyrighted material, BayTSP's technology
can effectively identify the location and distributors of child pornographic images.